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How to Get Nonprofit Community Stories

Nonprofit Engagement Software

Manually Collecting Stories & Testimonials is Hard 💯

We've made it easy to collect stories and engage storytellers. Really easy! We also baked in an amazing user experience for your client's supporters and you can simply plug it into digital and in-person experiences.

Proofpact rallies supporters by giving them a voice at the right moment. We don't stop there though. Engage storytellers and respectfully turn those advocates into champions.

Partner Portal + Collaboration

Nonprofits can discover and invite Proofpact Partners to collaborate on their accounts. From the Proofpact Partner Portal you can easily switch between different nonprofit accounts you are collaborating with. Doing so gives you access to all of the tools and features you need to help a nonprofit manage story collection and creatively leverage community stories.

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Types of Proofpact Partners

Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit Fundraisers

Fundraisers use community stories in various ways throughout campaigns and appeals. A single story might be placed front within an appeal and in other cases, lists of stories might be displayed next to an online donation form. Previous donor stories provide relatable validation for all future potential donors.

Nonprofit Digital Marketers

Marketers build awareness and engage with a nonprofit's community in various ways digitally and physically. It is easy to start a monologue but a dialogue can be tricky. There is no better way to engage a community than with other community member's stories. With Proofpact, find out who the advocates and champions are within the community.

Nonprofit Marketing
Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Nonprofit Strategic Planners

Stories from board members, staff, volunteers, and others, can help to strategically guide efforts. These stories can be considered foundational and help set key future objectives. These cornerstone stories help circulate data between parties involved that need to know the data-informed direction in which an organization is heading.

Nonprofit Grant Managers

Stories are an essential to grant applications. The stories give the funder a solid understanding of a nonprofit's mission and their impact. Community stories can help provide a unique brand flavor to your proposal and paint a clear picture of people and impact authentically. Grant managers who work authentic stories into their proposals stand a better chance of connecting with the reader.

Nonprofit Grant Managers

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Managing Community Generated Content

as a Proofpact Partner means...

Access to your nonprofit client's stories and storyteller information in one easy to use dashboard.

Filter stories by the interaction that was had or search by keywords for use in your storytelling and campaign efforts.

Access reputation management dashboards, access story collection tools, create storyboards, and easily socialize text and video content.

Explore, interact, and share stories in new and engaging ways.

Nonprofit Community Generated Content
Proofpact Nonprofit Impact Tools

Proofpact handles all of the heavy lifting and user experience best practices.

Nonprofit Engagement Plugins

You and your team focus on connecting and engaging with a nonprofit's community.

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