Meet PollyAI

Polly collects vital donor data and improves donor experiences by meaningfully engaging donors in conversation after a donation.

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How to Get Nonprofit Community Stories

Empower Your Fundraising Team

An empowered fundraising team doesn't feel like the outreach is cold every time they pick up the phone or send an email.

Empowered Fundraising Teams with Donor Data

Donor Experience

Donors Experience

✅ A deeper sense of gratitude

✅ A stronger connection & relationship

✅ A more natural way to share information, motives, and stories

The donor experience should not end abruptly after a donation. Emotions are at an all time high. Allow them to communicate with your organization on their terms.

Nonprofits Experience

✅ Better donor data, quicker

✅ Improved meaningful donor engagement

✅ A jumpstart to donor stewardship like never before

Do you thank your donors? Do you call first-time donors? Do you have a donor stewardship plan that suffers due to limited data? If you answered yes to any of these, you need Polly!

Nonprofit Donor Engagement

Transform How You Build Donor Relationships

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