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Posted on October 18th, 2022
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We launched some amazing new features across all Proofpact plans both free and paid. Proofpact makes collecting, managing, and socializing a nonprofit’s community stories easy and rewarding both visually and in function. A forever free Proofpact account enables a nonprofit to collect unlimited written stories! A free account also allows nonprofits to create custom-branded story collection pages with colors, logos, and imagery.

This week we introduced video stories into a platform that helps nonprofits collect, manage, and socialize written community stories. A nonprofit can collect unlimited video stories in all paid plans starting with Encourager. Now, storytellers can choose between a written story or a video story. The interface is low friction, easy to use and navigate, and still takes a conversational approach.

A simple user interface guides the storyteller to the point of storytelling. There is no distraction and the form itself is not daunting looking or confusing. The storytelling experience is freeform no matter whether it is video or text and we encourage this. Nonprofits should not box in the storyteller and preload these types of qualitative stories with suggestions or rules that feel like scripting. The intent of Proofpact story collection is to get authentic, real, and emotional stories from a nonprofit’s community.

Video Story Collection Example

Here is an example of how easy Proofpact makes storytelling. Written stories and video stories can be shared from any device, mobile or desktop – in the browser! This makes storytelling available to anyone with a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and internet connection. This example highlights the new video storytelling path. The written path is an open textarea where a minimum of 50 characters is needed within the story to continue. The storyteller can add images to their story if they wish and that is it! Here is a look at the new video path:

Once the storyteller finishes their story, whether it be written or video, the submission step is presented. Here they preview what their story will look like and fill out their name and email. Their name (or anonymous) updates within the preview in real-time. We position contact information collected in this way for verification purposes and the storyteller can still remain publicly anonymous if they wish. An account does not need to be created during this last step.

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When the storyteller submits their story, they are taken to a confirmation page that displays their story and sharing options at the very least. Paid plans allow a nonprofit to leverage storyteller engagement routes. This means a nonprofit can deliver content specific to the interaction the storyteller had (donor, volunteer, etc.). Engagement routes were not updated in this release. Just note that this is a major part of Proofpact functionality and provides a good user experience to the storyteller after telling their story.

Socializing Proof of Impact with Video Stories

Now, nonprofits can take written stories or video stories and place them in line with calls to action. For example, nonprofits looking to get more donations can place impact stories (validation) right next to their donation form (call to action). You do not want to distract from the ultimate goal of getting the donation but appropriate validation is always needed. Similarly, landing pages where the intent is not immediately to make a donation, benefit greatly from this type of social validation and encouragement. Proofpact paid plans provide customizable and embeddable groupings of stories with a single call to action called Storyboards. A nonprofit can now also embed individual stories on their website wherever they might need supporting content, validation, or social proof of impact.

New Sharing Features for Nonprofits & Storytellers

It is important for nonprofits to be able to share every story how they want to share it. When it comes to the storyteller, it is just as important to have those same options. One-click story sharing is now readily available for all stories. This feature is available in the free tier as well which makes it easy for any nonprofit to share or embed community stories across the web and social media. Similarly, any story can be embedded.

Embedded stories will visually appear differently than they do when viewing that same story’s page on Proofpact. This makes it easy to embed individual stories within your own content. When viewing the story on Proofpact, the story will be surrounded by a nonprofit’s logo, cover photo, and brand colors.

Individual Hosted Story Page on Proofpact

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View the story page above here:

Individual Story Embed

An Accessible & Equitable Community Storytelling Solution for All Nonprofits

As mentioned, any nonprofit can now collect, manage, and share unlimited written stories with a free account. Features such as sharing and story management were added to the list of features that are free. A free account comes with custom branding and story management tools that will help locate just the right story when you are looking for it.

Video stories are available in the first paid plan Encourager. Newly added to Encourager are +2 team seats, a dedicated success manager, and a strategic implementation plan. You and two team members can all access the same dashboard, collection tools, and story database. This adjustment makes story collection and management easier for nonprofits who have a team or an agency dedicated to marketing. However, our onboarding process makes it easy for nonprofits of any size to get started. A dedicated success manager means helping with the implementation and uploading of stories. Start collecting and socializing stories without lifting a finger!

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