Proofpact Partner Webinar – Community Storytelling with Jordana Merkin (On Demand)

Posted on May 1st, 2023

This is an on-demand webinar where Jordana Merkin and David Norris discuss nonprofit storytelling. Jordana is a Proofpact Partner and is the founder and CEO of Voice for Good. Voice for Good equips small nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to share their big stories through meaningful messaging guides and strategic marketing plans—raising awareness and funds for their mission.

About Jordana Merkin: After a decade as an in-house nonprofit marketing and communications pro, I founded Voice for Good to bring my insider knowledge and outsider perspective to help growing nonprofits raise awareness and funds through strategic marketing and communications. I know under-resourced organizations can’t do it all—and I also know what small steps they can take to see a big difference in their organization.

Jordana and Voice for Good provide mostly smaller nonprofits with email marketing, social media, storytelling, and supporter engagement. She offers messaging guides that include storytelling elements and focuses on the right words for connection with your community. She has some great downloads to get you started at

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