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Proofpact makes requesting stories easy for your nonprofit and telling a story a breeze for your supporters and beneficiaries. Your nonprofit can not afford to replace your brand's message with another ask so Proofpact not only helps your nonprofit transactionally collect stories but uses those same stories as a vehicle to help you deliver the right message to the right audience when they are most likely to engage. The story is truly just the start of it all.

Nonprofit Community Empowerment


Your Community

Proofpact empowers your nonprofit's community by ensuring that they are heard first. Proofpact embodies empowerment and helps nonprofits leverage momentum with constituents in the most productful and meaningful way for both parties involved. This approach leads to more engagement that through Proofpact is ultimately presented to the storyteller by your nonprofit. The result for the storyteller is a fulfilling and appreciated experience.

Nonprofit Advocates & Champions



Meaningful and respectful engagement happens when your supporters, beneficiaries, advocates, and champions have momentum and are presented with the right content at the right time. Proofpact enables your nonprofit to automate content delivery at a moment of peak emotional investment which leads to tighter appeals, higher conversion, and better experiences. Target specific constituents after a story is shared. Be human, remind the storyteller why they are critical to your mission, create or embed media, content, and forms. Proofpact places meaningful engagement on autopilot and increases proof of impact at the same time.

Proofpact’s mission is to support the need for nonprofits to creatively, fluently, and meaningfully communicate with their constituents and communities.

My name is David Norris and I am the founder and CEO of Proofpact. Fulfilling our mission means we use a digital first approach in a world that not only expects it but requires it. Your nonprofit’s community is out there (digitally and socially) but in most cases they are silent about your organization and its efforts. Your community, given the right tools will engage and the advocates will shine through. The champions blaze trails.

Creatively, Proofpact not only found a way to ensure nonprofit organizations receive more community stories but also a way to get more engagement within the same interaction had by the storyteller. Storytelling is an emotional investment and the vehicle we use to help your nonprofit engage your community with meaningful content and additional asks. The initiative requires little upfront work and very little ongoing maintenance. Proofpact saves nonprofits and their staff time by placing the “ask” within what we call engagement routes and removing the need for some of the heavy lifting within prospecting. Engagement with your community should happen organically. Meaningful engagement is respectful engagement and those are the interactions that convert more reliably.

Socializing proof of impact has never looked this way before because most platforms emphasize rating nonprofits and attempting to allow others to critique the nonprofit’s efforts. Nonprofits do not need reviewed on a scale of 1-5. Community stories and the socialization of impact are the real measuring system. Sure, nonprofits need to know what their brand reputation looks like on paper but that should not be a sliding scale variable on display for the world. Determining a nonprofit organization’s impact should not be done at a glance.

On top of what I call the “review” mess, nonprofits take stabs at collecting stories en masse and it usually fails due to lengthy forms that ask too much or buried CTAs (calls to action). Proofpact takes the “conversational form” approach that makes the storyteller feel like they are interacting with the service rather than answering test questions. We believe in this approach so much that our subscription plans that deal with engagement come with a “dedicated success manager” who can help your nonprofit setup the automated engagement routes that will benefit your organization, its supporters, and clients served the most.

The best part about Proofpact is that we do not expect you to uproot your mission critical communications to insert marketing for something else – even if that is something you see as important. The injection of asking for stories and subsequent engagement, we propose is purely transactional and this can mean in-person interactions too. However, most transactional asks are rooted in the various ways that your organization interacts with your supporters, clients served, and various constituents on a day to day basis online.

Transactionally collecting stories is something that many organizations already do as it pertains to user-generated-content. Organizing those stories efficiently is just a small part of what Proofpact offers. Organizing the content flow of how that individual interacts with your nonprofit is largely why we exist. We also strive to achieve even better results tomorrow for your nonprofit organization than we did today.

We broke our process into three words: Encourage. Empower. Engage.

Proofpact operates believing that encouragement, empowerment, and engagement are all transactionally and emotionally an infinite cycle that when combined correctly have both immediate and long lasting results. Are you ready to start engaging and socializing your proof of impact the Proofpact way?

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