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Mobilize your nonprofit's community, leverage community shared stories, and socialize proof of impact.

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How to Get Nonprofit Community Stories

Nonprofit Engagement Software

A Marketing Tool that Mobilizes Your Nonprofit's Community! 💯

Automate social proof efforts with Proofpact's fully customizable and flexible tools built for nonprofits. Give your supporters a platform to share their stories when they are ready and strengthen community relationships. With just a few clicks, align with your community's expectations and bring them along on your mission's journey.

Collect Written Stories & Video Stories

Start for free! Enjoy custom branding, a mobile-friendly story collection page plus an easy-to-embed form, versatile story collection tools for both digital and in-person events, an organized story library, seamless story sharing, and cloud storage.

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Nonprofit Community Video Stories

How it Works

Nonprofit Community Stories

Story Collection

a better user experience...

♾️ Easy setup & brand customization

♾️ Embed mobile responsive forms anywhere

♾️ No downloads or sign up required for storytellers

♾️ Collect and organize text & video stories

♾️ Add previously collected stories

Streamline story collection and organization, foster community engagement, and enhance your nonprofit's reputation with one simple and easy to implement solution.

Storyteller Engagement

after a story is shared...

♾️ Engage supporters with real-time content segmentation

♾️ Easily create and manage custom "Engagement Routes"

♾️ Customize thank you text and other copy delivered to the storyteller

♾️ Embed forms, videos, donation forms, surveys, and more directly into Proofpact Engagement Routes

Simplify storytelling with automated follow-up & embedding. Effortlessly enhance the storyteller experience with personalized video & content.

Nonprofit Engagement
Nonprofit Social Proof

Social Proof

inspire with authentic stories...

♾️ Embed individual stories on your website

♾️ Create & embed story feeds called "Storyboards"

♾️ Create & embed story sliders (carousels)

♾️ Embed calls to action directly into Storyboards (donation forms, volunteer forms, + more)

♾️ Find and create content with stories

♾️ Easily share stories across social channels

Empower your community to share real stories, collaborate with your team and Proofpact Partners, and showcase social proof of impact.

Spend less time soliciting feedback. Spend more time building a community.

Want to See Proofpact in Action?

Great! Let us show you and your team how Proofpact can automate a community storytelling process, save you time, and make a difference in your organization.

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

although, all are definitely deserving...
Nonprofit User Generated Content

Empower your community by giving them a voice. Most feedback platforms lead with star ratings. This forces constituents to become critics.

Proofpact changes the way a nonprofit approaches social proof and community generated content, user experience, and engagement with their community.

Nonprofit Social Proof Tools

Proofpact operates believing that encouragement, empowerment, and engagement are emotionally an infinite user experience cycle that when connected correctly have both immediate and long lasting results.

Nonprofit Community Generated Content

in Proofpact means…

♾️ All of your stories and storyteller information in one easy to use dashboard.

♾️ Filter stories by the interaction that was had, by experience, media type, or search text and transcribed video stories by keywords.

♾️ Favorite stories so that you can easily find them when you want to use or share them later.

♾️ View data extracted from stories and manage your nonprofit's reputation.

Nonprofit Community Generated Content

Pricing & Plans


US $0
Free Forever
US $0
Free Forever
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  • Collect Unlimited StoriesCollect unlimited text stories
  • Unlimited Team SeatsUnlimited team seats
  • Story Collection pageCustom branded story collection page + form
  • Story Social SharingOne click story embeds & social sharing
  • Add previously collected storiesAdd previously collected stories
  • Advanced Story SearchStory database, search, & filters
  • Story collection QR codeStory collection QR code


US $66
per month billed annually
US $79
per month
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  • Everything in Collector +
  • Collect video storiesCollect unlimited video stories + video download
  • Unlimited story collection campaignsUnlimited story collection campaigns
  • Unlimited story slidersUnlimited story sliders
  • Automated video transcriptionAutomated video transcription
  • Dedicated success managerDedicated success manager
  • 1 Custom StoryboardCustom storyboard (1)


US $120
per month billed annually
US $145
per month
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  • Everything in Encourager +
  • Unlimited StoryboardsUnlimited storyboards
  • Custom Default EngagementsCustom default engagements
  • Reputation managementReputation management
  • Custom Story Thank You'sCustom story thank you's
  • Collect Contact InfoCollect & view storyteller contact info
  • Remove branding optionRemove Proofpact branding option


US $179
per month billed annually
US $209
per month
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  • Everything in Empowerer +
  • Unlimited Custom Engagement RoutesUnlimited engagement routes
  • Campaign engagement routesCampaign engagement routes
  • Audio Storyboards (text-to-speech conversion)Audio Storyboards (text-to-speech)
  • Embed VideoStoryboard video embeds
  • Embed Donation FormsStoryboard donation form, survey, and event embeds (and more)

Need a Customized Solution or Integration?


fit for your needs
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  • Everything in Engager +
  • Custom add-ons to fit your needsCustom add-ons to fit your needs

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